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Gate Repair

We strive to provide top quality customer service with the best parts, equipment, and technology on the market. We have been serving the locally for a while and we have always strived for satisfaction.

Local Gate Repair Services

Master Garage Door & Gates leads the regional industry in Gate Automation, CCTV Systems, and Integrated Access Control Systems. Master Garage Door & Gates maintains a higher standard than the competition with top-quality products and peerless customer service.

We specialize in automatic gate systems for residential, multi-family, commercial, and industrial applications. We stay on top of industry trends and new product developments to consistently offer the most convenient, customized automatic gate options for every one of our clients.

Our clients represent a diverse range of needs and solutions. We have installed and currently maintain systems for personal residences, golf courses, warehouses, yacht clubs, government sites, shipping hubs, chemical plants, airports, military bases, and various other industries.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

24 Hour Emergency Service. If you need us, we’ll be there. Same Day Service. Need it done now? No problem, we do Now

If you think you have a broken garage door spring needing repair, call our service number (800) 313-3922 and we will have a trained technician out the same day to get that door open and working again.

Whether you need to replace a worn out or rusted gate for your home’s driveway or you’re looking to have a brand-new gate installed to increase the security of your community or business, our gate installation professionals have the skills and equipment to handle the job. We can install a driveway gate to compliment your existing property’s aesthetic or enhance its curb appeal; all of our gates are custom built to your property and needs. Often, many homeowners choose a custom gate installation to match their carriage garage door or any type of custom garage door.

If your property has existing fencing, we can install a custom gate to match. The popular swing gates are built to meet individual requirements and designs, and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Slide gates are a good fit for properties that have width but not depth; because they run along the back of the fence line when open, they are ideal for properties with limited space. Along with your gate installation, our team can install an automatic opener for ease of access as well. We offer brands with the latest automation technology like sensors, remote control and keypad entry, timers, and much more. No matter the size, type, or material, Master Garage Door & Gates is your New York gate installation expert for residential and commercial property.